Picking the Right Plan

Youtube Video - How to enroll on the marketplace

How to Enroll on the Marketplace
2:22 min.

Youtube Video - Cost of being Insured

The Cost of Being Uninsured
1:55 min.

Youtube Low Cost Options

Low Cost Options
1:03 min

Youtube Como elegir un plan de cuidado de salud

How to choose a Healthcare Plan
2:18 min.

Youtube Medical Plans

Medical Plan Options
2:22 min.

Youtube Special Enrollment Period

Special Enrollment Period
1:28 min.

How Insurance Works

Youtube Video - How Insurance Works
How Insurance Works

1:31 min.

Youtube Video - PCP Selection

Choosing and Using Your Primary Care Provider
1:30 min.

Youtube Specialist Referral

How to Get a Specialist Referral
1:13 min.

Youtube Video - Network Ins and Outs
Network Ins & Outs
1:41 min.
Youtube Video - Find a Doctor

How to Find a Doctor
2:30 min.

Terms and Definitions

Youtube Video - Coinsurance

0:28 min.

Youtube Video - Copay

0:24 min.

Youtube Video - Deductible
0:30 min.
Youtube Video - Enroll

0:31 min.

Youtube Video - Out of Pocket
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
0:37 min.
Youtube Video - Premium

0:31 min.

Youtube Video - Preventive Services

Preventive Services
2:00 min.

Youtube HSA

2:35 min.